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I am a choreographer, director, teacher, and student of life.

L5Y and LMS

Yesterday was the cast and crew screening of THE LAST FIVE YEARS!  I feel so fortunate to have been able to choreograph this absolutely brilliant movie.  Yes, it’s like nothing you will have ever seen.  Yes, it’s outside the box.  Yes, it’s glorious.  And it is beautifully shot all around New York City and Brooklyn.  The acting by Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan is stellar and my dancers were, well, – perfect!  Rock on Richard LaGravanese!


As life would have it – as one thing begins another thing ends.  Little Miss Sunshine closed last night at Second Stage Theatre.  Too soon, if you ask me.  Yet, it was one of the most satisfying experiences I have had in the rehearsal room.  This is thanks to James Lapine and our stellar cast.  And the yellow chairs.



Michele Lynch

Second Stage Theatre Directed by James Lapine Music by William Finn

Second Stage Theatre
Directed by James Lapine
Music by William Finn


Get in the Van!!

Get in the Van!!


"Shake your badonkadonk!"

“Shake your badonkadonk!”

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE  is still running at Second Stage Theater through December 15th.  You will laugh, possibly cry, and be thoroughly entertained.  Don’t miss this winning cast!!


I’m currently teaching master classes to NYU’s senior class at Tisch School of the Arts.  The students have inspired me beyond belief and continue to remind me of the joy and gift of dance.  What a pleasure to get to know them.